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Day 1

I had long since forgotten i had this diary. I was flipping through and old notebook - one where I kept usernames and passwords, jotted down random things that had happened, and interesting factoids - when I came across the deets for this diary. And I remembered.

Back in the day I loved coming here and sharing my thoughts. Shy and introverted, this was a place where I could freely speak my mind and share my innermost thoughts. Finding it again made me long for the good ole days.

I've always been a diary keeper. I have stacks of journals. Paper and glue. But the only thing missing in that is human connection. Well, more like the possibility of human connection. Even if that connection is simply someone stumbling upon my words before moving on to read something somewhere else.

So I thought I'd try something. For a month I want to try to come here and post something - anything, big or small, pointless or meaningful - and see how I like sharing my life online once again.

10:41 p.m. - 2020-05-11


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